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H1024 Open Frame 12v Motor

H1024 Open Frame Motor 24 x 15 x 10mm 1.5mm double ended shaft 12v. This motor will remain in production. 

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Tenshodo LH21

Tenshodo LH21 Open Frame Motor 21 x 13 x 9.5mm 1.5mm Double Ended Shaft 12v. 

Only 3 left 09/06/24

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TV12-27 Motor

12 volt five pole can motor. 12mm x 15mm x 27mm, 1.5mm shaft. This motor will fit all Markits 00 gearboxes and also Roxey Mouldings 0 gauge gearboxes designed for the Mashima 16xx series. These gearboxes can now be supplied with 1.5mm bore worms t

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TV18-33L Long Shaft 12volt Motor

Flat Can Motor 33 x 18 x 23.2mm 12V DC

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