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7NGA01 IOMR Chopper Couplings

One pair of lost wax cast brass couplings suitable for Isle of Man and other narrow gauge railways.

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7NGA02 Isle of Man Coach Wheels (2)

2 axle pack of 21mm gauge coach wheels. Suitable for 3ft gauge prototypes. Steel tyres and axles with plastic centres. Bearings included.  7N127M3

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7NGC1 The Foxdale Coach MNR No. 1

Etched brass kit. Built in 1886 by Oldburys for the Manx Northern as a Brake Third. The independant Foxdale Railway was worked by the MNR and No. 17 provided the passenger accomodation until it closed. In 1887 one compartment was upgraded to first

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7NGC2 MNR Cleminson 6 Wheel Third

Etched Brass Kit. Ten coaches were built in 1879 by the Swansea Wagon Company for the opening of the Manx Northern Railway. They had Cleminson patent six wheeled underframes where each axle ran in a separate pivoted frame. Each frame was interconn

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7NGC3 MNR Cleminson 6 Wheel Composite

Etched brass kit. Two composites were built in 1879 in the same style as the thirds. The bodies were divided into four compartments. Two large first class compartments in the centre were flanked by two tiny third class compartments. In 1880 the Ra

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7NGC4 MNR Cleminson 6 Wheel First

Etched Brass Kit. Two firsts were built in 1879 and on takeover by the Isle of Man Railway were renumbered N40 and N41. No.1 was largely unmodified, although reduced to third class in 1920. It is now privately preserved. No.2 was rebuilt internall

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