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7F04 LBSCR Stroudley Goods Brake Van

Etched brass kit. Includes sprung buffers. At least 160 of these vans were built between 1872 and 1888 to LBSCR Diagram21 (SR Diagram 1564). Identical vans were built for the Engineers Department and many similar vans were also built to Diagram 33

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7F11 LBSCR Machinery Wagon

Whitemetal Kit. 123 were built between 1892 and 1923 for the carriage of road vehicles, machinery and containers. 19 were transferred to the Isle of Wight. Many of these survived into BR days and one is preserved at Haven Street. Eight spoke wagon

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7F12 LSWR 10 Ton Stone Wagon

Whitemetal Kit. Rebuilt in 1907 from earlier, fixed side wagons. Several more were built by the SR to a total of 25 wagons. They were used to carry stone from the quarries on Portland Bill. They lasted into the 1950's on BR. Ten spoke wagon wh

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7F13 LSWR 20 ton Goods Brake

Whitemetal kit. 75 goods brake vans were built between 1915 and 1921. The SR added another 25 similar vans in 1922/23. Wheels needed to complete. Built with ten spoke wagon wheels but later upgraded to 24 ton with 3 hole disc wagon wheels.

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7F14 LBSCR Cattle Wagon

Whitemetal Kit. The standard LBSCR cattle wagon, developed from a Stroudley Design. Built with small variations in brake gear and axleboxes until 1917. Six were transferred to the Isle of Wight where one is preserved. Eight spoke wagon wheels need

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7F15 SR Refrigerator Van

Whitemetal Kit. Six vans were built in 1928 to replace vehicles lost during world war one. Lasted until BR days. Wheels needed to complete. Built with eight spoke wagon wheels but could later have been fitted with 3 hole disc.

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