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About Us

Roxey Mouldings online store was founded in 2003.

Roxey Mouldings have been manufacturing fine-scale model railway kits since 1972. Originally moulded from plastic sheet our kits now feature brass or nickel silver etchings with castings in whitemetal, brass or nickel silver. All our model railway kits contain historical notes and plans with full assembly instructions and drawings.

Our range now covers locomotives, carriages and wagons in both 7mm scale ('0' Gauge) and 4mm scale (00/EM/18.83 gauges). We cater principally for the southern railway and its constituent pre-grouping companies, but you will also find many other railways covered including narrow gauge and a great range of Southwark Bridge Models. Many useful etchings and castings are available in our accessories range.

For one-stop-shopping we also stock most of the items you will need to complete your kit. These include small electric motors, gears and gearboxes, motor bogies, wheels, solders, fluxes and paints.

We provide great value products for our customers and as a result have managed to develop a large client base. Please feel free to have a look around and contact us with any questions.