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In 1971 Mike Rawlings and Dave Hammersley saw a demonstration which held the key to producing model railway kits they both wanted, but nobody made. By May 1972 prototypes had appeared and Roxey Mouldings was launched. All these early model train kits were hot-pressed into plastic sheet, hence the 'Mouldings'.

Before long windows were pre-punched and whitemetal castings replaced the non-setting resin ones. Have you still got some of those lurking in a cupboard? Actually, it is surprising how many of those early kits I still see running on layouts so they can't have been too bad.

In the nineteen eighties the first etched brass kits were introduced, with a gentle nudge from Fred Blackman of Mallard.

At about this time Mike took a background role and eventually left to run his own business. The range of kits steadily expanded over the years and has been added to by acquiring other ranges. First came Chatham Kits, then Loco Shop, then the GWR/MSWJR kits from Albion Models and most recently the coach kits from MSC Models.