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4NGC12 I.O.M.R Composite Saloons I.O.M.R No.s F35-F36

Product Code: 4NGC012
4NGC12 I.O.M.R Composite Saloons I.O.M.R No.s F35-F36

Etched brass kit. Built by Metropolitan at the same time as F29-F32 these two saloons were the most luxurious on the Island. The first class sections were sumptuously upholstered and paneled in wood. The third class was more basic, having reversible tram type seats. They were used singly, or as a complete train for special occasions such as Tynwald day or the Bradden open air services. Both coaches survive. F35 has been heavily modified as part of the bar set with gangways at either end to connect it to two third class saloons. F36 was frequently used on special visits such as the Queen Mother, It now spends most of its time in the Post Erin Museum, but has been seen out on the line for enthusiast parties & is now the only saloon substantially as built. It now has plate bogies which are available as an extra. 4 axles 9mm diameter wheels plus couplings needed to complete. Kit built by Robin Winter.

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