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7MA053 BR/LNER Return Crank Plain End (1 pair)

One pair of 7mm scale BR/LNER style return cranks with plain bearing small end. Made in stainless steel, designed for Slaters driving wheels. Crankpin is retained by an M1.6 flanged screw at the rear. The crankpin has a machined hexagonal end over which the crank arm locates with a hexagonal cutout. Locked in place with an M1.6 flanged screw, no soldering is required.  Crank arm is 12mm long. 14BA Nut Spinner needed for assembly.


Temporarily out of stock. On order with Markits. Please expect extended delay.

Product Code: 7MA053
7MA053 BR/LNER Return Crank Plain End (1 pair)
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