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4C26 LSWR 56ft lav 1st 2nd COMPOSITE

Product Code: 4C026
4C26 LSWR 56ft lav 1st 2nd COMPOSITE

Etched brass kit LSWR Dwg 1298 SR Diag 274 Between 1906 and 1910 the LSWR built 37 standard sets for semi-fast main line and cross country services. They were formed — Brake Third (4C24)/ 2nd/3rd Composite 4C25) / 1st/3rd Composite (4C26)/ Brake Third (4C24). From 1935 the 2nd/3rd compos, by now thirds, were removed from the sets and were used as loose vehicles. The three car sets remained in service until 1957 Remained in sets until withdrawn. Some to engineers use or camping coaches. One is preserved on the K.E.S.R.

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