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4LOK1 MINNIE 0-4-0 Electric or Diesel

Product Code: 4LOK001
4LOK1 MINNIE 0-4-0 Electric or Diesel

4mm:1ft Scale. 16.5mm Gauge Two of these locos were built in 1898 by Wm Whitely & Sons. In 1903 one of them was bought to run goods services on the Hellingly Asylum Railway in Sussex. This it did until 1959, hauling one or two coal wagons at a time. Many tramway systems and industrial sidings operated very similar locomotives. Our 4mm scale cast whitemetal kit is designed to fit the Tenshodo WB24.5 motor bogie unaltered. We can no longer supply this motor bogie, which is still available from other suppliers. As well as dummy overhead wire equipment we also include an exhaust pipe to convert 'Minnie' into a small petrol or diesel loco.


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