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4LOK2 HOWARD 0-4-0 Diesel

4mm:1ft Scale. 16.5mm Gauge "Howard" is based on a locomotive now preserved on the East Lancs Railway. It is Planet No 3438 built in 1950 by Hibberd & Co. Planet was the trade name used by Hibberds on all their locos, but the design originated with J & F Howard Ltd of Bedford in the late 1920's. Howards were originally built to the same basic design in 10 and 12 ton versions with Dorman petrol engines. Our prototype has a slightly more sophisticated cab and a diesel engine but is otherwise identical to those earlier engines. "Howard" is a 4mm scale cast whitemetal kit and is designed to fit on the Tenshodo WB24.5mm motor bogie without alteration. We can supply this motor bogie (See Options).

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4LOK2 HOWARD 0-4-0 Diesel
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