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4A258 Motorising kit for Knightwing 0-6-0 diesel

Motorising kit for the Knightwing plastic kit of the Rolls Royce/Sentinel 0-6-0 diesel shunter. Comprises etched nickel silver chassis and coupling rods, Romford/Markits 50:1 gears, Alan Gibson wheels, axles and outside cranks, wire and pickup material. Suitable motor needed to complete.

The Knightwing kit is NOT included, and unfortunately we cannot supply it. We can also offer the chassis kit with wheels set to 00 gauge and cranks pre-quartered ready to drop in. The Knightwing kit and Mashima motor are shown for illustration purposes only.

Supplied with TV12-27 motor.

Product Code: 4A258
4A258 Motorising kit for Knightwing 0-6-0 diesel
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