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7C007 LSWR/SR 30ft Full Brake Elliptical Roof

Product Code: 7C007
7C007 LSWR/SR 30ft Full Brake Elliptical Roof

Etched brass kit with pre-formed brass roof. Kit includes sprung buffers. Wheels, couplings, paint and transfers needed to complete. SR Diag 853 Built between 1893 and 1897 for parcels and milk traffic. Many were formed as one end of a '41/2 Set' with 48ft stock. In 1924 and 1925 some were transferred to the Isle of Wight where the centre wheelset was replaced by a vee truss. These IOW vans gradually lost most of thier panelling and their duckets as well. Many of the mainland vehicles ended up in departmental service. Kit built by Dave Hammersley. Painted and lined by Bob Fridd. Completed using Roxey Mouldings steel wheels 7W003

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