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7C106 SR Maunsell Rebuilt Lav Brake Composite

Product Code: 7C106
7C106 SR Maunsell Rebuilt Lav Brake Composite

Etched brass kit with pre-formed brass roof. Kit includes bogies, seats and sprung buffers. Wheels, couplings, paint and transfers needed to complete. Ten identical coaches were rebuilt, five trimmed as Brake Thirds (Diag 98) and five trimmed as Brake Composites (Diag 418). The Brake Composites were paired with Diag 99 59ft Brake Thirds (Roxey Kit 7C107) in set nos 42-46. These worked on West Country branches, notably to Lyme Regis. The Diag 98 Brake Thirds were paired with Diag 407 56ft Brake Composites in Set nos 51 -56 and were again used in the West Country. Both types lasted until 1959.

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