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7EMU2 SR/BR 3SUB Electric Unit

Product Code: 7EMU002
7EMU2 SR/BR 3SUB Electric Unit

Etched brass kit for complete 3 car set. From the original LSWR electrification until the 1940's the basic element was the 3 car unit, later classified 3SUB. These came in a bewildering variety, mainly because most were rebuilt from old steam hauled coaches of pre-grouping origin. This kit covers units 1585-1599 built from ex LSWR 48ft stock between 1934 and 1936. However it would take an expert (or the foreman who supervised the actual rebuild) to distuinguish it from similar units rebuilt in 1928/1930 and 1931. Most were augmented to four car sets in the 1940's and lasted until the late 1950's. Before this rush hour trains were strengthened with two car trailer sets. Driving ends are preformed etched brass, there is milled brass angle for the underframe trussing and preformed brass roofs. The kit includes two motor bogies with TV18-33 motors and twin 20:1 gears, all trailing bogies, steel wheels and seats.


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