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4C03 LSWR 48ft Third

Product Code: 4C003
4C03 LSWR 48ft Third

Etched brass kit LSWR Drawing 772/848 SR Diagram 12 A large class of 350 coaches built from 1894. They appeared in almost any formation including '41/2 Sets'. Several were piped for push-pull working by S.R. and paired with ex LBSCR Driving Coaches (4C44) between 1926-1931. Most were rebuilt in the late 1930's, some as 58ft Thirds and Brake Thirds, others as electric units. Between 1899 and 1901 32 identical carriages were built, but fitted out as 2nd/ 3rd Compos. Later reclassified as all Third they became SR Nos 511 - 542 in the main series.

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